Cátia Sofia Cunha is a New England-ish playwright currently residing in Maine. Her work has been developed and produced by The 24 Hour Company, Sewanee Writers’ Conference, Clubbed Thumb, The American Globe Theatre, Young Playwrights Inc., Theater at Monmouth, and Mount Holyoke College (Class of 2014). She’s pretty into outer space, the Mariana Trench, queer time-travel, roller derby, and Portuguese sea monsters. Cátia is interested in the development of individuals’ unique vocabularies and how life experiences influence the acquisition of words and mannerisms. Her plays explore the power dynamics of language: who can access certain phrases and their meanings, how jargon is used to divide or unite people, and the intimacy of function words. Cátia is determined to break apart normative definitions of loving and relationships. She is queer and dedicated to manifesting similar voices onstage. Much of her writing contains outer space, dead or pregnant talking animals, and a passionate loyalty to DNA and the hard sciences. When not involved in theatrical ventures, Cátia can be found under the pseudonym Arky de Sade attempting to pass the Derby 101 assessments or knitting blankets that rival their weighted counterparts.